New Indiana Law could help Dealers increase their Annual Warranty Gross Profits by $80,000 – $100,000



New Indiana Law

As a result of the New Law, you are now able to collect true retail (Not 40% & Not MSRP) reimbursement on your Warranty Parts. In other words…you could be able to DOUBLE YOUR WARRANTY PARTS GROSS PROFITS.


The Challenge

The process of following the Law and filing the submission can be complex and burdensome. Few Dealers have the time, tenacity, and expertise to manage this process successfully.


What does it cost?

We start with our no obligation – no risk profit uplift estimate. There will be no upfront fees even after we agree to proceed. Best of all, ultimately, there is zero net cost to the Dealer because the service pays for itself through ‘found money.’


Who else has Armatus worked with?

We have worked with over 2,400 dealerships in 40 states. We work with 7 of the top 12 dealer groups , including 4 of the publics, and have been endorsed by the ADAI to work with Dealers like you in Indiana.


How does Armatus do it?

We start with our a proprietary algorithmic software to gather and optimize your data. We then unleash our team of audit professionals using our customized forensic audit process to assure that our customers receive the highest possible profit uplift.


Is this for real?!

The ADAI would not have endorsed Armatus unless it knew that what we claim we can do, can be done!

Obtain Your Free, No Obligation Projection
  • Double your warranty gross profits
  • You won’t lift a finger
  • Guaranteed optimal results
  • Money in your pocket as quickly as 45 days
  • We won’t get paid until you get paid


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