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Don’t Let A Lack of Awareness Cost Your Dealership Additional Gross Profit

by Joe Jankowski   |   May 16, 2019

Auto dealerships have faced a persistent problem for decades now—despite their hard work, these dealerships have been forced by the industry to “discount” their warranty parts. Although they should receive fair market value for all warranty claims, these dealerships instead only receive a 40% mark-up or MSRP—neither of which reflects true retail value. For years, […]

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Retail Reimbursement For Warranty Parts — What Are You Waiting For?

by Joe Jankowski   |   February 15, 2018

When I was running dealerships for over 22 years, I recall looking through every nook and cranny for opportunities to drive additional profits. Of course, there are very few things you can do in our industry to generate revenue, without an investment in facilities, people, marketing, inventory, etc… Also, most of these opportunities entailed additional […]

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